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Jonathan Rizk is a Digital Producer for DC News Now. A distinguished Air Force Veteran, radio/podcast host, and producer, Jonathan Rizk is a multi-talented individual with the dedication and desire to make an impact. Rizk grew up in New Jersey, and throughout his childhood, he engaged in many sports activities. At the age of nine, he started Olympic weightlifting. By the age of 11, he was competing in many different competitions, winning countless medals and awards at the regional and national levels.

He joined Mansfield University in 2012 to pursue Mass Communication major and joined the college football team due to his physique and athleticism. Despite being his first year, he was an integral team member. Besides his football commitments, Rizk continued participating in the Weightlifting competition and was credited with designing the USA Weightlifting 2012 Olympic warm-up suit and singlet. He also picked up deejaying as a hobby under the trademark, DJ Official Rizk. His standout achievement off the field happened in the studio at Mansfield, where he debuted on the University’s Radio Station WNTE “The Giant.” His show was a big hit, and it broke the record for live website listens. While still on this show, he sparked controversy over his choice of music by playing “Jersey Club” music in the rural area. His stance to express himself and choices more led to the birth of his own media company called “Rizky Digital,” which hosts podcasts and YouTube channels. Rizky Business Podcast, Mat Men Podcast, The STARS Experience, and the 2nd Pull Podcast were a couple of podcasts he developed and produced.

In 2015, Rizk joined the Air Force and served his country for four years until his contract ended, and he went back to what he loves most, media. He created The STARS Experience, a podcast that interviews professional athletes in the industry, and is the producer of Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast. His deep desire for self-improvement saw him enroll for a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Studies from 2018 to 2020 at Arizona State University. He also attended The Los Angeles Film School in 2021, studying Film and Production. An influential personality, Rizk uses his podcasts and media to reach out to people and desire to make an impact.

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