Michael Del Sontro

Michael Del Sontro is a Meteorologist at WDVM, forecasting the weather on weekends at 6pm and 10pm.

His love of weather began as a child when he discovered the Weather Channel after his family first got cable. The ability to watch the weather 24/7 turned excitement into a true passion. Michael grew up in New Jersey, where there were plenty of weather situations to track, not to mention, Nor’easters.

Michael holds a degree in Meteorology from California University of Pennsylvania. This is where he met his wife and together, after graduation, they moved to the DC Metro Area.

His Meteorology career began working for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA) in Camp Springs, MD. Focus was on the operational portion of weather which included analyzing, collecting data, creating surface maps, publications, and preparing long range forecasts. Over the years, he remained a freelance Meteorologist while his full-time career took a different path.

Michael is currently the business owner of Elements Home Remodeling based in Virginia. While he’s been in real estate for over two decades in the metro area, his love for weather was never forgotten. In fact, his company’s name, “Elements”, was a way to keep a personal connection by wearing the logo over his heart every day.

He always wanted to forecast the weather, so when an opportunity presented itself where he could explain and educate viewers as an on-air meteorologist, it was a childhood dream come true. When you watch Michael on weekends, you’ll see someone truly enjoying his passion project.

When he’s not remodeling or forecasting, you can catch Michael staying active by working out, running, spending time with his family, and of course, at the beach. He is currently living in Virginia with his wife of almost 21 years and their three teenage children.

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