Rachel Ford

Rachel Ford is the Lifestyle Videographer for Living Local DMV. As a creative technologist, Rachel’s work has involved broadcast engineering, cinematography, videography, and photography.

Originally from Tampa, Fla., Rachel started her career as an Instructional Designer Vector Solutions. She designed and produced online courses catering to a wide range of industries (i.e., architecture, engineering, and construction). In 2014, Rachel switched to the media measurement industry, accepting a role with Nielsen, where she found her passion for media. For the next eight years she worked in as media specialist, specializing in broadcasting, videography and photography.

Rachel graduated from Florida State University in 2011, earning her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a focus on Religion. Two years later, Rachel graduated with her master’s degree in Instructional Systems, with a focus on human engagement and digital design. Combining Instructional Systems and Psychology, Rachel started her career as an Instructional Designer for the College of Hospitality, where she designed and developed comprehensive media for students.

Some people separate their hobbies from work, but in her free time, Rachel still runs around with her camera working on personal projects and living life to its fullest. As Don McCuaig, ASC Member, said to her once: “If you find yourself doing your work during your free time, then you found not a job, but your passion.”

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