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Dwellics.com Adds New Data Sources To Rank The Best U.S. Cities To Relocate To For Work, School, Lifestyle Options

Photo of Dwellics.com Founder Giselle Sitdykova

Dwellics.com Founder Giselle Sitdykova

Dwellics.com cost-of-living calculator ranks U.S. cities based on user preferences

Dwellics.com cost-of-living calculator ranks U.S. cities based on user preferences

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Data-driven website posts ‘Top 100 Cities’ lists, offers free side-by-side comparison calculators ranking the best places for remote work, education, retirement

Other platforms claim to provide cost-of-living comparisons, but they they use the same data for everyone. We offers the option to customize everything, right down to grocery lists.”
— Giselle Sitdykova - Dwellics.com Founder
OAK PARK, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Nearly 28 million Americans moved to a new city in 2021, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. To take the guesswork out of relocating, Dwellics.com recently updated its platform to include the latest data on more than 60,000 U.S. cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Using statistics from more than 50 trusted sources, Dwellics.com offers personalized recommendations to help people find the best city to relocate to.

“Since Dwellics.com debuted in the summer of 2021, we’ve continued to add new content with the goal of making it easier for people looking to relocate to find the best place to live based on their personal need and wants,” said Dwellics Founder Giselle Sitdykova. “Today, thousands of daily visitors to our website find detailed facts on cities they’re interested in, from cost-of-living information like the average rent or mortgage prices and tax rates to crime statistics, school performance, infrastructure, climate, and community health. It’s easy to compare two cities side by side, and we’ve created regional lists of the top 100 best cities to raise a family across the United States based on the most up-to-date hard data available.”

Dwellics — a hybrid word that combines “dwelling” with “statistics” — uses more than four dozen trusted data sources, including the most recent reports from government and academia, including the U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Housing and Urban Services, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Labor, Department of Education, National Association of Realtors, and Smithsonian Institute to create comprehensive, detailed reports on more than 60,000 cities, towns, and neighborhoods across the country.

“Dwellics’ analytic tools offer a unique, science-based method of comparing each locale’s strengths, weaknesses, amenities, educational and business opportunities, overall quality of life, and cost of living based on user preferences,” Sitdykova explained. “You will learn about climate and weather patterns, propensity for natural disasters, public transportation, internet speeds and other important infrastructure, how well students are doing compared to other places, how much it costs to rent or buy a home or apartment, the demographics of the region, opportunities for post-secondary education, taxes, and employment and business statistics. Out team applies tested methods of statistical analysis and transforms basic, observed data into user-friendly information to provide a realistic feel of each place.”

Dwellcs.com has created 10 proprietary “Top 100 Cities” lists to provide detailed analyses of the best cities for remote work, outdoor living, retirement, health, childhood and college education, and the best cities to raise a family in the West, South, Northeast and Midwest. The platform also offers easy-to-use calculators to do a side-by-side comparison of places of interest.

“Americans’ attitudes towards work and family have change because of the pandemic,” said Sitdykova. “Studies show people have refocused on the things that are most important, and many have decided that relocating to a place that offers more lifestyle options is the right decision for them. Relocating to a new city or state is challenging; Dwellics’ goal is to provide a wealth of information to help take some of the stress and uncertainty out of moving to a new place. It’s totally free to use, with no sign-up required.”

Statistics from a variety of sources indicate that moving for lifestyle reasons — be it balmier weather, an ocean-side setting or mountain view — is on the rise. In 2015, 9.5% of those who moved reported doing so for a better lifestyle. That number increased to 12.1% in 2018, and has been rising ever since. At the start of the pandemic, 13% of those who relocated cited lifestyle as the primary reason for their moves. That number rose to 14.4% in 2021, further signaling a shift in priorities. Reports indicate the top states with inbound moves are outdoorsy locales, including cities near notable outdoor recreation, warm-weather towns, or cities near the ocean, in the mountains, or in the desert.

Other platforms offering recommendations on relocation offer calculators to assist with budgeting for a move, but use a one-size-fits-all algorithm to compare costs of living. Dwellics’ cost-of-living calculator is different because of its customizability.

“Groceries are one example of how Dwellics is superior. Other platforms claim to provide cost-of-living comparisons, but they use the same data for everyone.” Sitdykova continued. “We offers the option to customize everything, right down to grocery lists, because the cost of milk and hamburger means nothing to families who don’t buy those items. Our users can be as detailed as they like, so the results directly reflect their personal lifestyle. Also, our approach to providing weather data is unique — we show the number of days each year with specific weather conditions, such as wind, rain, and snow. We’ve found this makes it easier for our users to imagine what it’s really like to live there.”

Another new feature is Dwellics’ partner program. Businesses related to relocation — including mortgage lenders, moving and storage companies, insurance, real estate, property management, and other services people need when planning a move — can now offer their services on pages directly related to their geographic areas. The goal of this program is to create a list of trustworthy businesses users can call upon once they decide where they will relocate to. Contact Dwellics at support@dwellics.com to learn how to participate.

To learn more about Dwellics, visit Dwellics.com. To view the “Top 100 Best Cities” lists, visit https://dwellics.com/rankings. Find the customizable cost-of-living calculator at https://dwellics.com/cost-of-living-calculator.

Our data-driven city ranking tools offer personalized lists of places where people can live their best life, however they choose to define it. Dwellics created this data-driven platform to compile statistics from more than four dozen comprehensive sources, including reports, studies, and data sets from government, non-profit, NGO and private-sector groups to provide comprehensive and detailed reports that allow users to rank cities and locales across all U.S. states. Dwellics reports include quality-of-life indicators like climate, community services, home prices, cost-of-living figures, taxes, crime statistics, infrastructure, business, employment, and education options.

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