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Portrait of Award Winning Composer, Instrumentalist and Video Artist Anaya Music in May 2023

Anaya Music 2023

The Multi-Talented Brazilian Artist’s Visually Stunning Videos Have Earned Hundreds of Accolades from Film Festivals Around the Globe

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, May 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Quickly closing in on an otherworldly total of 300 awards from international film festivals, Globally acclaimed new age icon and prolific filmmaker Anaya Music has kept the momentum flowing in 2023 with nine fresh accolades for her epic, intergalactic themed video “Arrival,” featuring as its soundtrack the hypnotic and ambient, Latin influenced composition “Sword,” from her latest album Quietness – New Age Music.

The Brazilian pianist/composer’s awards for “Arrival” include Best Producer, Music Video and Original Music at the Crown International Film Fest; Best Composer, Best Music Video and Producer at the MultiDimension International Film Festival (London); Best Music, Video, Producer, Women’s Film, Score Soundtrack and Director at World Film Carnival (Singapore); Best Female Director at the Rome Music Video Awards; Best Female Director and Production at the Munich Music Video Awards; Best Composer at the San Francisco Indie Short Festival; and Prestige Best Music Video and Producer and Award of Excellence in Best Song at the Vegas Movie Awards.

“The musical composition ‘Sword,’ the soundtrack to the ‘Arrival’ video, is the most powerful creation I think I have ever done and perhaps this is where I feel creatively travelling to next,” says Anaya Music. “This manifestation starts with an emboldened refrain, but then softens its structures to bless us with the final soothing accords. ‘Sword is quite different from my other music with its distinctive Latin rhythms in places. Much of the piece is very ambient, but the more dramatic guitar and percussion passages add an interesting contrast to the rest of the music and provide an element of surprise.

“Thematically, ‘Arrival’ is the challenge of a process that would differ greatly from the search for alien life in years past, when people imagined any contact would likely come in the form of radio signals from extraterrestrials, which may have taken thousands of years to arrive.”

Since the mid-2010s, Anaya Music has emerged as a cutting-edge force on the visual side of the music industry, with an array of award-winning high concept videos. Festivals everywhere from L.A., NYC, Paris, London, Munich and Tokyo to Toronto, Bali, Istanbul, Sydney and throughout Greece and Sweden have bestowed upon her accolades in general categories (Best Music Video, Best Original Music/Song, Best Director/Producer) and niche categories like Best Mystery Video Music, Best Quarantine Stories, Best Women Empowerment, Best Anti-War, Best Inspirational video.

Anaya Music’s profound shift from composing and recording music to creating high concept videos began in an almost whimsical way. She was in Cannes attending and making connections at MIDEM, a trade show recognized as the leading international business event for the music industry. She was having lunch with her longtime creative consultant Suzanne Doucet and several other friends in the nearby village of Auribeau-sur-Siagne when she instinctively whipped out her iPhone and began filming their interactions. One friend asked her, “What are you filming for?” Anaya Music’s response was meant as a joke but turned out to be more of a spoken prophecy to the universe: “I am training to be a movie director.”

When she arrived back home in Brasilia, she began manifesting those casual words immediately, editing the short movies she shot. She soon began studying and taking online courses about DIY filmmaking, digital photography and digital marketing. She immersed in this education for two years until she began developing videos to accompany her ongoing output of music.

Anaya Music started writing scripts and developing film drafts and forged a creative partnership with image design specialist Marcio Alves, who became co-producer of the videos she directed. Her partnership with Alves is the visual equivalent to her collaboration on the audio side with producer and sound designer Pedro Tavarez, who records all her music in 432hz, a frequency that aligns with the heart chakra and is created to facilitate calmness.

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