BOONSBORO, Md. (WDVM) — Nana Afua Ofori-Baabu is a senior at Boonsboro High School. To say Nana has made her mark at the school would be an understatement, as she holds leadership roles in several organizations.

“Nana is one of those students that you love to be around. She brings a lot of positivity. I’ve known her since her freshman year when she came in for class cabinet and really dove into that leadership role,” said Bethany Mason, a teacher at Boonsboro High School.

“I’m involved in a lot of clubs at Boonsboro High School, including Multicultural and Diversity Club, Class Cabinet, SGA, Best Buddies united and so many more,” said Nana.

Her parents, who instilled hard work and education in her at a young age, say she has been this way her whole life.

“One thing about my daughter, it does not take much for her to grasp (anything),” said Sammy Donkor, Nana’s father.

At Boonsboro High, where the population of minority students is around 10%, Nana believes it is important to represent a distinct voice.

“At a place like Boonsboro, there’s not much like diversity. I think it’s important for there to be a diverse voice and for it to be voiced and heard,” said Nana.

Making a statement is what Nana does.

In a recent project, she joined a group of female students, to help with a project called “Project Happiness” ensuring young women are uplifted every day.

“We have little messages on each one of the stalls that you look at whenever you’re going to go use the bathroom, and it just makes you feel better,” said Nana.

Nana will be attending Stephenson University in the fall.