WINCHESTER, Va. (WDVM) — Meet Sidney Rathel, a high school senior at James Wood High School.

“Sidney is a fine young lady. She’s always super polite, super happy, ” said Donovan Russell, Head Coach for James Wood High School Girls Varsity Soccer.

Rathel plays soccer for the girl’s varsity soccer team.

“This year, we have had a lot of young girls on our roster. And Sidney along with Olivia both did a great job of bringing those young girls onto the field and teaching them how we do things,” continued Russell. “It’s a great example on the field and off the field…scholastically. They have done a great season – playing, leading, communicating; definitely the kind of kid that we need in this program as a leader.”

Rathel is a finalist for the Washington D.C. area’s “Best & Brightest” Student of the Year.

“We have been best friends ever since we were little. She has always been motivating and help me to get the best out of me,” said her best friend and teammate, Olivia Walker.

Thursday was Rathel Senior Night.

“I am looking forward to seeing her just thrive in life, being the best she can be,” said Emma Kearns, Rathel’s sister. Kearns nominated her sister.

Rathel says it means a lot to be a finalist.

“It means a lot to me because my sister was the one who nominated me and she has been a role model my whole life,” said Rathel. “As a captain this year, I hope to be a role model for the rest of my team and hopefully, what it means to be a captain and a leader this season.”