BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. (WDVM) — Some believe this woman is a saint, born and raised in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Melody Stotler works full-time at the Tri-State Community Health Center, and she volunteers every chance she gets. “I just decided I want to help people, like me, who didn’t know where to turn,” she said. A mother of three, Melody shares a personal story – one that many people go through every day. Her daughter battled with addiction that began when she was a teenager. As a parent, Stotler didn’t know how to get help for her baby girl. “She made the decision to smoke marijuana, then she went into pills, then later into heroin,” Melody explained.

But through the help of others, she found hope. Stotler serves as the Executive Director of the support group, Life or Drugs. In this role, she visits several schools in the Tri-State area, where she talks to students about substance abuse. Stotler wishes her daughter had someone to talk to, too. “My daughter celebrated her 3rd year from heroin in November of 2019. She’s doing great, and I couldn’t be more proud,” Melody stated.

Stotler’s work doesn’t stop there. She also works part-time with a drug prevention agency,  Morgan County Partnership, and runs a group called Life or Drugs to support those struggling with addiction. Her husband, Roger Stotler said, “You don’t find that every day, and when I say that she’s a remarkable woman, that’s not just at home. That’s wherever she goes, she does remarkable things.”

Stotler also spends time as a ‘big sister’ to mentor young girls. She spent over a decade reaching out to help people not just in her community, but worldwide. In 2011, she became a bone marrow donor for someone in France. “It felt good for me. It was almost like a high for me, that’s probably why I have a hard time saying no. It’s because it feels good to help people,” she expressed. Roger, calls her selfless. He says she’s the type who would give you the shirt off her back. “She’s a great wife, an outstanding mother, but when I see her outside of the house, she is everything that the remarkable woman stood for,” he stated.

Melody’s work doesn’t stop there. She also works as an EMT for Morgan County Rescue.