MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM/WDCW) — Ruanna Hess was named as this year’s Remarkable Women winner on Thursday. The day of the celebration had some very intense weather changes, quickly cycling through clear skies to hail to a blinding snowfall, but Ruanna’s family braved it all to come to cheer her on for her win.

Ruanna Hess has spent her entire life being an extremely loyal wife, mother, and so much more. When her daughter got the chance to nominate Hess for this year’s competition, she didn’t hesitate. The family was over the moon after learning their matriarch had won.

“I was surprised that she was a finalist, more-less the winner!” said Janet Hough, daughter of Ruanna Hess, a bright smile taking up her entire face. “So, yes, I was ecstatic, because we all know how amazing she is, so I wanted everyone else to know how amazing she is.”

Along with being a beacon of emotional support for her loved ones and her community — handcrafting gifts and sweets for people and never missing a birthday or holiday — Hess also volunteers with CCAP Loaves & Fishes in Martinsburg, helping to feed people in need.

“We also have the program where we do rental assistance, water/sewer assistance, electric, we give boots — work boots — to people going to work,” said Ruanna Hess, Remarkable Women winner.

And what better place to hold her celebration than at the CCAP building, where Hess has been volunteering her time every week for the last 28 years. Friends, family members, and even a co-volunteer gathered in the parking lot of the building, huddling together to conserve warmth as they waited to watch Hess go live on the 6 p.m. news.

“Everyone at CCAP Loaves & Fishes is thrilled to have Ruanna win this wonderful prize and recognition for the type of woman that she is,” said Beverly Van Metre, president of the board of directors for CCAP.

Hess learned about her win shortly before going live with WDVM’s Lou Scally, and she was massively grateful to be able to celebrate with and be supported by so many of her loved ones. It’s safe to say Ruanna’s family has added yet another item to their list of reasons to look up to her.

WDVM 25 and DCW 50 congratulates Ruanna Hess on her win!