DCW50’s Foster Meyerson speaks with renowned Chef Eric Adjepong about this career as a multifaceted culinary expert and on-screen competitive chef.
Chef Adjepong has three degrees in Culinary Arts, Culinary Nutrition (BS), and International Public Health Nutrition (MPH) which he brings to his work as a personal chef, caterer, and public health & nutrition professional.
In our discussion, we talk about his journey through the culinary space and the birth of his relationship with Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, how she became a mentor and connection to the wider televised culinary world.

Chef Adjepong hosts the All-New ‘Alex Vs. America’ from Food Network, a competition wherein Chef Alex goes head to head with some of the best and brightest chefs from across America, three vs one.
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Additional photos and footage courtesy of Food Network and Chef Eric Adjepong