LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many soccer fans show their passion for this sport through several chants echoing inside the stadiums, but there is one in particular that is causing controversy and can get the Mexican National Team in trouble.

FIFA is trying to ban the chant performed when the opposite goalkeeper starts a new game with a kickoff.

According to the organization, this chant is considered homophobic. However, fans refuse to follow this protocol and continue with the tradition, which they consider part of their culture.


  • In past games, the referee interrupted the event for a few minutes as a first warning following the protocol issued for a discriminatory act.
  • If the fans scream the bad word once, the referee will stop the game and security will try to identify the person or people involved.
  • If this continues to happen, the referee will pause the game and could send the players back to the locker rooms.
  • If it happens again, then the Mexican National Team will have to forfeit the game, losing points in a competition, including, in the long run, the elimination of the World Cup.

“Cheer, all you want, except that one word that will sideline us all,” states part of a PSA done by the Mexican Soccer Federation, to motivate the fans to stop yelling this chant.

Watch the full PSA by clicking here.