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Feelin the Vibes of Black Music History at HR Records

DCW50 visits HR Records to talk about black artists you should know about, the music scene of DC, and how this black-owned record store is keeping Jazz and Soul and alive in our city.

This past week the team at DCW50 took a field-trip to HR Records in Brightwood Park. The self-described (and frankly we agree) ‘best brick and mortar shop in Washington D.C for used Jazz, Funk, Soul, and More!’ to learn about some of the many hidden gems of Black Music History.

We spoke to Charvis Campbell, owner of HR Records about his music mission, and the incredible selection at the shop.

Below are some of the albums Charvis talked about. We highly recommend you give them a listen if you can, most were available on Spotify. However as often happens with great black artists: their work is hard to come by today.

Lloyd McNeill’s Home Rule – after which HR Records is named
Bobbi Humphrey’s Blacks and Blues is a personal favorite of Charvis and his staff at HR Records. Highlights the underappreciated power of the flute.
Oneness of Juju’s African Rhythms offers some of the most chill and trippy vibes you’ll ever experience!