Nearly 48 years ago on Christmas Eve, Washington D.C.’s newest tourist destination was born….. The Exorcist Steps! 

Filmed in Georgetown, and based on Georgetown University Alumni William Peter Blatty’s book, The Exorcist broke box-office records in every theater on its opening weekend.  

The story of the battle for the soul of 12-year old Regan, captivated audiences around the world, especially in Washington D.C. For generations, people from around the DMV, make a pilgrimage to the steps made famous in the first horror movie to be nominated for Best Picture. 

Join DCW50’s Jimmy Alexander for a tour, plus, you’ll hear The Exorcist’s Director William Friedkin and Ellen Burstyn, who earned a Best-Actress nomination for her performance as Regan’s Mom, tells you what forces were working against them winning at the Oscars.