WASHINGTON (DC NewsNow) — Keith Turner grew up in the DMV and is working long hours trying to lower violent crime in the region.

“I know you can’t stop all the crime,” said Turner “I am determined to make a difference.”

Turner started the No More Black on Black Crime movement in October. He has reached out to lawmakers, churches and people in the region who want to see change.

“Some politicians don’t want to be a part of it. They have concerns about the name,” he said.

Turner is calling on neighborhood leaders, residents and people who are committing crimes to help prevent violence for the first three days in December and February. He says it’s important for residents in communities hit hard by violent crime to understand change can take place.

“Those who came before us didn’t make the sacrifices so we would kill each other,” said Turner. “We can do better.”

Turner is also working with community leaders from other cities to help with the awareness campaign.

”You have to start small before you can walk, and we have to build the communities’ confidence,” he said. “If we can do three days, then we can do a week, and if we can do a week we can do a month.”