FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Sue Basford spends several hours a week as a volunteer for the Frederick Rescue Mission. 

Basford was a teacher for 35 years in Frederick County.

She says teaching students was rewarding and volunteering to help those who need it the most is her calling. 

“My husband and I work at the mission because we truly believe we are put on earth to help other people,” Basford said. “The mission is a place that feeds people and takes care of their spiritual needs as well.” 

Carolyn Chandler is the volunteer coordinator at the Frederick Rescue Mission. She says their work would not get done if it were not for the efforts of the volunteers. 

Basford plays a key role in the breakfast and lunch program that provides meals every day of the year.  

“She [Basford] also sits on our board of directors which is not normal,” Chandler said. “Usually people who sit on the board, don’t come in and work in the kitchen.” 

Chandler says Basford is one of many volunteers who are committed to helping others, and played a key role in getting a new kitchen for the rescue mission.  

“She finds a way to get things done,” Chandler said.

Basford has been volunteering for more than a decade, and she says she and her husband will continue to help for as long as they can. 

“Neither one of us sit very well for a long period of time,” Basford said. “This is a good fit for us.”