WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Ruth Logan, CEO of the Monroe School has been working around the clock for the past two years, raising money to keep the school open for the students who need it the most.

The Monroe School lost its Certificate of Approval (COA) after some staff members failed to obtain their Office of the State Superintendent of Education certification (OSSE).

“I was optimistic we would get our COA,” Logan said. “There were days when I wondered how long it would take.” 

Logan says she stayed the course, because she represents the students.

“We serve some of the wards with the most challenges,” Logan said. “We are here to help students who have struggled in other classroom settings.” 

Logan provided requested documentation during the past two years and received the certification in June. 

“It was notifying us that we received our COA,” Logan said. “I cried and thanked God.” 

Logan says the COA will allow them to bring in more students. 

“We are already receiving referrals,” Logan said. “But we will keep the class size small, so we can continue to utilize our one-on-one teaching model.”