MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Amanda Kossoff started two nonprofits at the age of 15.

One of the nonprofits “I Dream of Dance” was launched during the pandemic.

“Our mission is to make dance available o everyone, no matter their financial or social situation, said Kassoff, “It allows people to express themselves no matter what is going on at home or in their personal lives.”

Amanda said there were some challenges early on, teaching dances online to kids.

“They are just sitting and playing video games, so in the beginning it was hard to rally them up through a screen,” said Kossoff, “By the end, they were so into it and were always looking forward to the next class.”

She said they have taught more than 600 students and they helped adults learn to dance.

Amanda also runs Pop for a Cause. They sell popcorn to raise money for nonprofits in the DMV. They have raised nearly $24,000 for charitable organizations since they started in 2020.

”We have taught dance class to adults with diseases, said Kossoff, “They have said it’s getting their heart rate up, and making them happy.”

Amanda will begin her freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, and she plans to carve out time to continue to run her nonprofits.

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