WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Don Bowman and his late wife started the Jone L. Bowman Foundation to help organizations in Hagerstown and Washington.

The Bowmans were big supporters of breast cancer awareness efforts long before Jone passed away from the disease in 2014.

The foundation donated $6 million for the naming rights of the Meritus Osteopathic School of Medicine.

“We just looked at this as a big opportunity across the board, for the region,” said Don Bowman, “It will attract a lot of young people who may decide to stay in the area, and any kind of an educational investment helps improve the area.”

The Jone L Bowman Foundation continues to support the spay and neuter program at the Humane Society of Washington County.

Colin Berry is the executive director. She said the Bowmans hold an important fundraiser at their home year and the money raised allows them to serve the county.

“I know the Bowmans have donated a lot of money to various organizations in the region,” said Berry. “We are glad they consider us an important organization that they continue to support.”

Don says that support will continue.

“We know many nonprofits are strapped for cash,” said Bowman, “We know the Humane Society has a big impact in the area, and will continue to provide funding.”