(DC News Now) — Fans of the Skate. series have long awaited a sequel to the much-beloved skateboarding video game franchise. EA first announced the new Skate. title at their June 2020 EA Play event, confirming at the time that it would be called ‘Skate.’ dropping the numbering scheme for the franchise and potentially implying a soft reboot.

The last Skate. game was released back in 2010 more than twelve years ago, the game’s online service was discontinued in 2016. Fans have had effectively no way to enjoy the franchise in an online capacity for over six years.

The reveal back in June was met with high praise on Twitter in particular due to promises from the developer:

  • No Pay to Win
  • No Map Areas Locked Behind Paywall
  • No Paid Loot Boxes
  • No Paid Gameplay Advantages

However, fans have been responding far more skeptically to a more recent reveal. According to a video from the development team that premiered July 14, the game will be a live-service free-to-play “in it for the long haul.”

Many users Tweeted their concerns with these statements, many in the form of sad and angry gifs. One user tweeted the following: “I’d rather just pay 60 bucks for a complete game where I just play to unlock new stuff. I don’t even care if there’s no dlc, as long as the base game feels like a full game.”

Another user simply tweeted: “RIP”

These complaints are fairly commonplace in the industry as gamers increasingly claim to be fatigued by live-service titles.

However live-service titles continue to top the charts, and games like counter-strike, League of Legends, and Destiny 2 persist in dominating player counts on all platforms.

Skate. is currently accepting applications for a closed playtest, if you’re interested in getting your hands on the game and providing feedback you can sign up here.