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Keep your career moving in the right direction with our short-term programs.

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Enroll in one of our business and professional development classes today and take the first step to gain essential skills to help you reach your career goals. These programs encompass a variety of in-person and online courses designed to help you upgrade or refresh your skills, energize your workforce, add more practical experience to existing qualifications, or maximize your effectiveness.

Soft Skills Training

Learn soft skills that are devoted to interpersonal relationship skills-building such as:

• Communication
• Problem-solving and conflict management and resolution
• Leadership and hiring practices
• Diversity and bias training
• Respect and culture creation in the workplace
• Teamwork and team engineering
• Coaching and mentoring
• Change navigation
• Performance management
• Time and stress management, and more

Technical Skills Training

Also referred to as hard skills, technical skills allow you to perform a certain job. There are several in-demand technical skills that employers look for, including:

• Computer skills
• Microsoft Office skills
• Business application skills
• Analytical skills
• Marketing skills
• Presentation skills
• Management skills
• Project management skills
• Finance and bookkeeping skills
• Business development skills, and more

Business and Professional Development Information Sessions

Need help deciding or want to confirm your decision regarding future business and professional development classes? These FREE information sessions will introduce you to a variety of business and professional development programs. Whether you are planning to register for an upcoming class or you are on the fence about your next career step, come and join us to gain more information. This can be your first step towards an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career. Learn more and register >>>

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