ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WDVM) — A new bar allowing customers to bring their furry friends to grab a drink or snacks is opening soon.

Brewski’s Barkhaus was created by co-owners Alex Benbassat and Justin LeGore, who were roommates at Virginia Tech, wanted to create a space where people could bring their dogs to a dining establishment and be able to run around off-leash.

They hosted the Old Town Beer, Wine and Dog Festival in Alexandria back in August 2019 as a way to test out their concept of combining dogs, people and food. They decided to go full-force with their plan to open the restaurant.

“With the variance, we are legally the only bar and restaurant that allows dogs inside and to have them off leash in certain areas in the state of Virginia,” said Benbassat.

According to Benbassat, the dining area will be only in the on-leash area in order to follow health code laws.

“Inside, you’ll have an on-leash area and that’s where you can dine and eat. Then outside will be on leash, and then you’ll go to an off-leash zone like a park, and the whole upstairs of the restaurant is going to be off-leash,” said Benbassat.

Brewski’s Barkhaus plans to open its doors in October.