HANOVER, MD–(DC News Now) Anne Arundel County Police are looking for the person whose gun went off Saturday inside Arundel Mills Mall.

It happened around 3:30 p.m., according to investigators, at the food court. They don’t it was a criminal act.

“We were able to review video, and it appears an unknown subject that was there in the mall, accidentally, from what we’ve seen, accidentally discharged a weapon,” said Lt. A.J. Gardiner.

“I was scared! I never experienced anything like this before,” said Grace Antwiwaa, who manages the family store inside Arundel Mills.

She and employees thought something fell.

“Everybody was running. People were like trying to get out of the mall,” Antwiwaa said. “People were trying to go into stores to help them stay safe.”

The gunshot, according to police, forced the temporary closure of that area of the mall.

The gunshot did not wound anyone. However, police said a couple of people suffered minor injuries in the panic to get out of the mall.