New technology has some people making noise in Montgomery County – a group of activists is worried about technology advancements interfering with people’s health.

It’s part of a nationwide movement calling on officials not to put 5G cell towers near their homes because of health risks.

“This is an increasing environmental exposure and we don’t consent to it,” said Theodora Scarato, Environmental Health Trust executive director.

A group of protestors met in front of a Verizon store – with signs and brochures screaming 5G has got to go

“Fast speeds and downloading video fast but they are not aware that is going to bring higher levels of radiation directly into our homes,” said Scarato.

There are dozens of 5G towers spread throughout parts of Montgomery County.

Verizon says 5G is faster and can lead to future innovations but activists here say it’s not worth the potential health risks.

Roderick Calloway, an activist against 5G, says he noticed a difference in his body since using 4G – he and others are worried about what will happen next.

“I’ve been athletic all my life – I was a runner and I never had heart palpitations and I never had migraine headaches,” said Roderick Calloway, an activist against 5G.

“Studies confirmed that there is a link between wireless technology and cancer,” said William Bathgate, an activist against 5G.

Activists say they have found studies that suggest 5G is harmful to one’s health and they are strongly encouraging people to do their research.

Officials say 5G is supposed to be up to 100 times faster than other networks. There are 5G concerns in some parts of Europe as well.