With an approval from the City of Frederick, there will be a new amenity offered to the public for any one to use. 

With just this simple sign that is placed in the grass at Baker Park, it has started a new recreational activity, bocce. 

“The great thing about bocce is that so many people can play it,” said Chair-person, Judy Briley. “We say that people ages eight to 1-hundred, people in wheelchairs can play it.

Members of the Frederick Bocce club have been working on a project for the last year and a half of building bocce courts in the city. 

This week, the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a non-profit organization, Friends of Baker Park, to make that a reality. 

“We have had incredible support from all sides,” said Fundraising Chair, Connie Martin. “I think it is rare to go into an endeavor and have everyone on your side.” 

Currently, the club creates their own courts with rope and golf tees. But with the new approved plan, there will be four top of the line courts 

“They are going to be fast and true and they are going to be great courts,” said Briley. “So we are hoping to get people to come here and play and have inner-city tournaments.”  

Currently, Frederick Bocce is now in the process of fundraising. They need to raise $35,000 before October, when construction is set to begin. 

“The sooner we raise funds, the faster we can get the job done,” said Martin. 

The courts will be open to the public, which members said it is a great addition to Baker Park. 

Once construction begins, officials said that it should take around three to four weeks to build. To find more information, click here