ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WDVM) — Its been nearly a year since any of us have traveled for a vacation, but one restaurant is allowing customers to escape to a ski lodge, without leaving Alexandria.

The Loft at Lena’s, an Aspen lodge-inspired space, was created as a way to keep customers interested, while providing an escape from the realities of COVID-19. The restaurant was converted from an old office space.

The owners installed disinfection technology fans that kill 99 percent of airborne pathogens, in addition to open-air windows and an HVAC system that brings in fresh air from the outside. Donna Shore, Operations Manager at Lena’s, says that the main goal is to spread cheer, while also finding a unique way to reassure customers they are safe when dining out.

“We constantly look at what our guests want, but also, what we can provide them that’s going to be different,” said Shore. “We wanted a safe experience that took people away from what we’re living in today.”

Lena’s says the loft is here to stay, and they will be changing out the theme come spring time.