ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — The Arlington County School Board is determining whether to have police officers involved in schools.

“We have decided it is time to evaluate and examine our partnership with ACPD (Arlington County Police Department),” said Arlington County Public Schools Superintendent Francsico Duran.

The board meeting that took place on Sep. 3 consisted of a slide show reviewing officer’s roles in schools, how to handle certain offenses, and a survey of students sharing how safe they felt have an officer in school with them.

One slide displayed that students of color were referred to law enforcement more frequently for offenses than white children, according to internal data acquired by the school.

“While there’s a national conversation, there has been for some time a local conversation going on on the same topic,” said Nancy Van Doren, Arlington County School Board member. “We understand that there are different experiences that students have in Arlington related both to discipline and their relationship with the police.”

The board said they look forward to seeing what the future of their relationship with police officers in schools will look like in the future — or if there will even be a relationship at all.