HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — People gathered peacefully holding signs and waving flags to thank officers and other first responders in Hagerstown Square.

Over the last few months, the police have been at the centre of calls to disband or defund their forces after more and more instances of police brutality came to light.

Heather Braun, the rally organizer emphasized that this gathering was not meant to be politically charged, only to thank the first responders.

“We’re here about solidarity. It’s not anything, we’re not trying to divide the country. We just want to lift everybody up. We love everybody and we just want everybody to come together as a country and support one another.”

Heather Braun, rally organizer

Braun went on to explain that she believes that police and other first responders have “the hardest jobs out there” and the rally was organised to show their support and gratitude. She stated, “With everything that is happening in this country, they need to know that we love them and that we back them.”