Over 40 years ago, our national symbol, the bald eagle, was in danger of extinction, but since 2006, bald eagles have made a comeback.

Over the weekend, Shepherdstown’s National Conservation Training Center welcomed two newborn eagles.

“The first one hatched on St. Patrick’s Day, and the second one hatched around mid-night Saturday night,” said chief of education, Steve Chase.

The parent eagles landed at the NCTC 10 years ago, and ever since, they have been keeping a close eye on them through their Eagle Cam.

The live camera was updated this year and is streamed online.

“Well actually, the female built this nest with another male, and the first year, they didn’t have very good success with building the nest. But the second year, they were able to get the nest put together, and we were able to go up in a tree and actually put the camera in,” Chase said.

The nest is just a small distance from the Potomac River, so the eagles are close to a food source.

Today they have been eating squirrel. The past few days they have been eating fish. Our proximity to the Potomac River is very close here to this nest,” Chase said.

According to officials, the parent eagles seem to be great providers after nesting the baby birds for over 30 days.