(WJW) – Fans of Dairy Queen’s cherry-dipped cones are in for a heartbreaker.

The item — which has appeared on DQ’s menu on-and-off over the last several years, according to Taste of Home — is officially being discontinued, the company said.

News of the cherry-dipped cone’s discontinuation was first shared via the TikTok account of a Dairy Queen location in Michigan.

“Unfortunately, today I have some bad news, and I feel like a lot of people will be upset about this. I don’t know when or if it’s returning, but Dairy Queen is discontinuing their cherry cone dip,” the narrator of the video says. “It’s already sold out in our warehouse, so once we deplete the inventory in the store, we’ll be sold out until further notice.”

Nexstar’s WJW reached out to the company for the scoop.

“At this time, the Cherry Dipped Cone at Dairy Queen is being discontinued,” DQ confirmed in a statement that alluded to the possibility of the item returning “in the future.”

“Fans should check with their local DQ restaurant to learn which flavors are available,” the statement concluded.

Dairy Queen’s remarks likely come as little consolation to fans of the Cherry Dipped Cone, who expressed their disappointment on social media.

“Why does DQ hate us?” one user remarked.

“I’m suing Dairy Queen,” another said.

Dairy Queen’s online menu currently features only two other “dipped” options for cones: churro-dipped and chocolate-dipped. Dairy Queen’s previous offerings also included butterscotch-dipped cones, Dreamsicle-dipped cones and Fruity Blast-dipped cones.