“If you have been talking to somebody online and you discover that it is not that person..first thing you think is this catfish,” said Candic Palmer.  

Only last week Pennsylvania couple Jamie and Candic Palmer were featured on MTV’s reality show Catfish and since then they say that their lives aren’t quite the same.

“Everybody that has been messaging me and commenting has been positive and I’m happy to know that people were touched by the experience and can relate to it in so many ways,” said Palmer.

Candic was featured on the show because of her online friendship with a person named Titus. But after questioning whether or not he was real she decided to reach out to MTV for help.

“I’m not sure if it would have all came out if we didn’t have Nev and Max there to help us. I’m not sure that I would have been able to hold up my end or if he would have been able to let me know,” said Palmer.

Through this one of a kind experience the couple believes it has made a huge impact on their relationship.

“.. I wasn’t doing my part …it just kind of showed me that I needed to be there for her more emotionally,” said husband Jamie Palmer (Titus).  

“I also learned the biggest lesson in the whole show is that my husband was willing and able to communicate in a way that I thought he couldn’t,” said Candic Palmer.

The Palmers are looking forward to helping other couples who struggle with similar issues.