WASHINGTON (DC NEWS NOW) — On Capitol Review, DC News Now’s Tasmin Mahfuz talks to Republican candidate for Maryland Governor Dan Cox about his endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

“I’ve been grateful for all the help he’s provided. He’s recently helped us with raising some money in a very private reception that was useful, especially for the media, which reaped the rewards because we poured all that money into media buys,” Cox said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve Maryland. I think that’s the issue before us. The issues President Trump cares about are the same issues that we’re running on. That’s making sure our economy is great again.”

When asked about why moderate and undecided voters should select Cox as the next governor.

“I am the one whose going to carry on the moderate vision that Governor Hogan gave us with lower taxes, fleecing of our businesses, keeping our state open for business. Obviously, I disagreed with the COVID lockdowns, but in large part, I made this clear in the debate, my opponent [Wes Moore] will not continue the good policies that everyone appreciated.”

Watch the full conversation in the video above.