WASHINGTON (WDVM) — On Capitol Review with Tasmin Mahfuz, FEMA/DHS Director Marcus Coleman talks about the devastation and federal recovery efforts in Mayfield, Kentucky after tornados ripped through towns and leveled thousands of homes and businesses to the ground. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said on Friday the death toll was up to 77 people, making the storms the deadliest in state history. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sent search and rescue teams, emergency response personnel, water, generators, and other needed commodities to the regions affected.

“The first thing we’re advising people to do is to listen to the information provided by their government officials about when it’s safe to return to their homes,” said Coleman, director of the FEMA/DHS Center for Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships (DHS Partnerships Center).

President Joe Biden, who visited the community Wednesday, described the damage as some of the worst he’s seen and vowed full support of the federal government to help rebuild, announcing that the federal government would cover 100% of costs of emergency work for the first 30 days after the extreme weather event.

“I, myself, have been able to meet with several pastors. Some of those who have lost parishioners as a consequence of this storm. And while there is definitely a lot of hurts, I also see a lot of hope and healing taking place,” said Director Coleman.

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