WASHINGTON (DC NEWS NOW) — On Capitol Review, DC News Now’s Tasmin Mahfuz talks to Democratic candidate for Maryland Governor Wes Moore about his roots, memories of his late father and struggles his mother went through as single mom.

“I only have two memories of my father.  The second memory is when he died in front of me, because he didn’t get the healthcare he needed,” Moore said. “And I saw how my mother, who is an immigrant to this country, how she struggled. She didn’t get her first job that gave her benefits until I was 14-years-old. This is a woman who went on to earn her master’s degree. So, when people talk about inequitable pay between men and women. Or between people of color and non, this isn’t an academic exercise to me. I’ve seen this. ”

When asked about his campaign slogan ‘Leave No One Behind’ and how that applies to moderate Republicans and undecided voters, Moore said his military training and experience as captain of the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan taught him to unify and lead people from all backgrounds, regardless of political party.

“Do you know what question I never asked my soldiers? What’s your political party. It didn’t matter. We had one job. I had to unify my unit to accomplish big things,” Moore explained. “So, for all Democrats, Independents and Republicans, who are searching for who is their candidate, we’re going all around the state, all 24 jurisdictions, urban, rural and suburban. When people say ‘All you have to do is spend time in a couple of jurisdictions in Maryland because of the population and you can win this race. Why are you going to a lot of areas where there aren’t a lot of Democrats?’ My answer is: Well, there are a lot of Marylanders. And I plan to be their Governor too.”

Watch the full conversation in the video above.