Dozens of people will be sleeping outside Friday night, but for a good cause. 

Families, groups of friends, and organizations teamed up to raise money and houses for Cardboard City, an overnight event that raises awareness of what its like to be homeless. Each person involved raised hundred dollars to rent a space to build on.

The event benefits Family Promise, an organization that helps homeless families get back on their feet. Participants also eat soup kitchen style meals, go through a welfare shopping experience and a homeless journey walk through.

“We go home at night and we go to our beds, many of of our homeless families come from a park bench, literally sleeping on the ground and so this is a way to give people that experience of i don’t have anything else but the concrete, I’ve got a card board box,” Sherry Arey of Family Promise of Shenandoah County says. 

I’ll learn a lot to be more thankful for the things i have and also understand better how people in poverty feel.” Noemi Cordoso says. 

Although the event is only in its first year, Cardboard Vity will have over hundred people calling it home Friday.