WINCHESTER, Va. (WDVM) — WDVM 25 has partnered with Blue Ridge Community and Technical College to bring you Careers in Demand. The series features different careers and businesses from around the four-state region. This week, we’re featuring apple packers.

Apple packers work to sort and prepare apples to ship and send to stores for purchase.

“It’s farm work inside. It’s really dependent on the crop and how the fruit is moving,” Philip Glaize III Director of Operations Glaize Apples.

The job involves physical labor and a meticulous eye to make sure apples are packed without damage.

“You can’t be afraid of hard work. You’re on your feet 8 hours a day if you’re in the stacker position you’re lifting 40-pound boxes up to head height throughout the day if you’re in the packing position it’s a little bit less heavy lifting but it’s still attention to detail,” said Glaize.

The job is a seasonal one and depends heavily on how the crop is growing.

“In the on-season which runs from August until April we are bringing fruit in during harvest, storing it, keeping it cold, getting orders, trying to make sales, and determining what to pack,” stated Glaize.

The Glaize Apple packing plant in Winchester says that many of the blemishes on the apples are spotted with the human eye when packing.