WILLIAMSPORT, Md. (WDVM) — Dairy farmers help with the production of milk and milk products. Deliteful Dairy is one of many local dairy farms that produces everyday items like milk, cheese, and cream.

A day in the life of a dairy farmer typically involves an early start. The farm must be maintained all days of the year which means time away from the farm is limited.

“It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to milk, we’re milking about 60 cows then we’ll do the cleaning and feed the calves and the heifers—then we do the evening milking again around 4:30 in the afternoon,” said Brooks Long, owner of Deliteful Dairy.

Dairy farming and farming in general involve a wide range of knowledge. Many skills are required to help make operations on the farm run smoothly.

“Right now we’re using about 60 percent of our production, we’re using at our processing facility and then the remainder of it gets picked up on the milk truck by Maryland and Virginia milk producers,” said Long.