Since 1982, Celebrate Fairfax has been a tradition each spring.

The event features carnival rides, live entertainment, competitions, and lots of food.

Celebrate Fairfax is a community favorite and lasts for three days over the weekend.

Fairfax County employees got in for free before the official opening of the event on Friday evening.

 They say it is their favorite lunch break of the year.

“Some had turkey legs and soft serve ice cream and now we’re just walking around, riding the rides and seeing people that we work with that we don’t get to see all of the time,” says Becky Smith, an employee of Fairfax County.

Although there is something for everyone at celebrate Fairfax, one thing that many early-bird visitors agreed on, was their favorite part of the event.

“Probably the food, the food, yeah the food, fried food,” laugh a group of Fairfax County employees.

Officials say they keep up the tradition year after year because it brings the community together.

You can visit Celebrate Fairfax until seven in the evening on Sunday.

Tickets can be purchased at the door.