There was a very special visit from a very special person Wednesday at the New Light Metropolitan Community Church: Celebrity Hairstylist Luke Loy.

Those less fortunate were fortunate enough to get a haircut from Loy and for free. Kathleen Benskin, and her boyfriend for a year have spent days trying to find somewhere to sleep. And at the New Light MCC, they not only have a place to rest but also got their hair cuts today.

“I look good and feel good,” says Benskin. Her boyfriend added, “She does. We are just so grateful for people here at New Light MCC and for Loy cutting hair.”

Loy mentioned that this event was about giving back to the community. He has a track record of giving back.

First, he did so with his salon opening up in Martinsburg, now he gives back with this haircutting event in Hagerstown, and then he says he plans to do a yard sale giving away free food and other things for people in the community.

“I’m rich…” Loy began then pointed to his heart, “not in money but here.”