CHARLES TOWN, WVa. (WDVM)–An accomplished photographer came to America and was scheduled for a photoshoot but not only did he fail to make it to his appointment, but he disappeared and actually was never seen again. That was in 2015 and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office still have yet to find his body.

Morten Aigeltinger was a 56-year-old international photographer. He moved to the United States from Norway. He lived in Charles Town, West Virginia on Cattail Run road with a female named Gale. Police say her and Aigeltinger were not married and described the two as friends. While Aigeltinger worked for a photography business in Virginia, taking school yearbook photos, Gale ran an organic farming operation on their 20-acre property.

Aigeltinger’s friends and employers say he was responsible and never missed work. He also always showed up on time. On September 9, 2015, he was scheduled for a photoshoot at a school in Prince William County. He never showed up.

Officials say he was last seen on September 8th. Police found Aigeltinger’s truck on September 14th. The 2012 green Ford F150 was located off John Ristler Road, right off the Shenandoah River. Police say the vehicle showed no signs of damage. There were no cell phone records, sightings or credit card purchases since his disappearance.

“Deputies and additional units cadaver, K9, search team, checked the property for any signs or indications where Mort might be,” Sgt. Robert Sell, with Jefferson County Sheriff’s office said.

Police found no evidence at the location where the truck was found and searched every inch of his 20-acre property. Sgt. Sell said the property backs up to a quarry and that a lot of different options were explored to search for his body.

The week of October 21st, Aigeltinger’s sister flew in from Norway in search of answers. “I need to know what happened to my brother. Family and friends are very worried something serious maybe happened to him,” said Anne-Lise Olsen.

The family offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. “He’s a survivor. He would never just disappear or take his own life,” Olsen added.

In 2016, it is reported that police were processing blood found in the home, they said it appeared that someone had attempted to clean it up, but four years later from the day Aigeltinger went missing, there’s still been no arrests.

“I’m one of these people who think this job is to find the hard truth. The hard truth in this is that its not an easy case,” said Pete Dougherty, Sheriff of Jefferson County.

As Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office still actively searches for answers and new evidence, the department will never give up to find out what happened to Morten Aigeltinger or where his body is.

“I have his picture on my screen saver, so every day I look at his face, thinking what can we do to bring him home and find justice,” said Sheriff Dougherty.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is the owner of the estate on Cattail Run Road since Aigeltinger has no direct family in the United States. No one is currently living there.