MORGAN COUNTY, W.Va. (WDVM) — More than three decades later, deputies are determined to find answers for finding Melissa “Missy” Moreland who was last seen on October 24, 1987, at the former High’s convenience store in Paw Paw, West Virginia.

Moreland lived with her parents in Hampshire County near Paw Paw. At the time of her disappearance, police say it wasn’t unusual for her to come and go from her home for long periods of time. Thus, she wasn’t reported missing immediately.

An in-depth investigation was conducted by then-Sheriff William “Bill” Spitzer into her disappearance, and then later by Sgt. Larry Bradley of the West Virginia State Police during the 1990s.

Dozens of people were interviewed during the re-investigation. Several leads were followed and locations searched where authorities believed her body might have been placed. However, no conclusions were reached, although it developed several subjects who were identified as persons of interest.

Then in 1999, the case was once re-opened by the FBI and Sgt. Robert Cooper of the West Virginia State Police; Captain Tim Stapleton of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department began investigating.

In 2014, Sheriff K.C. Bohrer, then an investigator with Frederick County, Virginia, and Captain John Eckerson of the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Department received information and searched a location near Augusta, W.Va. and nothing was found.

No new leads nor information have derived in recent years for the happy girl who was well-known in the community.

Anyone with information on Moreland’s whereabouts should contact Morgan County Sheriff’s at (304) 258-1067 or Crime Stoppers.