The Great Frederick Fair, an event where families and the community get together to educate the youth about the agriculture industry, is the last place one would expect a drug raid, but officials started receiving complaints from customers that one vendor’s candy was laced with drugs.

“We initiated an investigation. We did an investigation where we were able to obtain two packages of that product from the vendor. We then took it back and did a preliminary field test, and it tested positive for marijuana,” said Sgt. Jason Deater, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

A search warrant was issued and roughly 50 packages of candy-like products such as gummy bears, rice crispy treats and lollipops were confiscated from the vendors. 

“We seized all of those and sent a sample of that to the Maryland State Police crime lab to be tested. Once we receive those tests back, we’ll review the case and determine the appropriate charges,” Deater said.

Two men and one woman were detained during the search warrant, but none have been charged at this point of the investigation. Board members from The Great Frederick Fair removed the vendor from the premises.

“For the security of the children that are here and the people that are here, plus, we don’t want to be involved in nothing like that. That’s not us. We want all of the families here to enjoy yourself. We don’t want that stuff around us,” said Joe Devilbiss, president of Frederick County Ag Society.

Detectives are not releasing the name of the vendors until their investigation is finished, but they are concerned that people may have consumed their products for actual candy.

If you believe you are a victim of consuming the product, contact the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office at 301-600-1046.

Detectives said the vendor was mainly selling sweatshirts and the candies were sold for $30 to $60.