They say it takes only one small gesture to make a change, which is why officials throughout the community came together for the very last Walking School Bus event at Bester Elementary School.
The Walking School Bus program is geared towards increasing student attendance in the county by having community officials join forces to greet students on their way to school.
“Kids, when they wake up in the morning, they are more inclined and excited to go to school, because there is a prize that might be waiting for them on the way,” said Keith Fanjoy, Bester Community of Hope.
The program began at the beginning of the school year after being brought to the forefront by a Bester parent, and after implementing the program for only a few months, she believes it has already made a difference.  
“I was thinking that maybe if we show that we care as a community about their wellbeing, their education and about their life, it might encourage them to get themselves to school,” said Kay, PTA member, Bester Elementary School.  
To wrap up their last walking event, students got a chance to finish out the year strong with a high-five from Congressman John Delaney.
“The fact that members in the community come together to support these families in doing the right thing, which is raising their kids the right way, making sure they understand the importance of school [and] the importance of getting a good education, I think this is just a great thing to do,” added Congressman Delaney.