It’s time for students to hit the books again, but one Chambersburg Catholic school has added a virtual element to the curriculum.
The Corpus Christi School is bringing in a new way of learning with their Root-Minded Program.
Each student will spend about 10 minutes a day studying the Greek and Latin roots within words. 
“I’m looking forward to learning Latin. I think it’s really important to try and learn Latin, because it will help me in the long-run with other languages,” Jeffrey Stonehill, a 7th-grader, said.
“We’re hoping that over time that program will see benefits as far as the students being able to work through difficult content and make sense of it,” Mary Geesaman, Corpus Christi School, Principal, said.
The school is also allowing qualified 7th and 8th grade students to take a virtual course with instructors all over the world. After the course, students can test out of the class when they go to high school.
“A lot of them have tech experience. That won’t be a problem for them, but I’m looking forward to how they adjust to learning online [and] learning some of those different strategies to make them successful,” Dan Morrow, Technology Integration Specialist, said.
Corpus Christi is piloting the program for middle schools in the Harrisburg Diocese.
“Seeing the students really blossom [through] academic success — that’s what it’s all about. We want to make sure our students are well-rounded,” Geesaman said.
Students not taking VHS have the opportunity to take another course instead.
By starting school 15 minutes earlier, the school is able to add the extra programs to the schedule.