Editor’s Note: The above video is from a story done shortly after police arrested Leandra Andrade.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (DC News Now) — A mother whom police arrested after they found her 2-year-old daughter dead in a hotel room was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing in December 2022.

Court documents said officers found Leandra Andrade, 38, unconscious at the Cutty Sark hotel at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on Aug. 1. Her daughter, Lanoix, was dead. They used Narcan on Andrade before medics took her to the hospital.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Washington Andrade left the District after losing a custody case and last was seen in the city on Friday, July 29. Lanoix’s father, Fabio Andrade, was given full custody and knew that Andrade would have their daughter with her that weekend.

A friend of Andrade contacted MPD after the friend saw concerning social media posts by Andrade. MPD said it started investigating and tracked Andrade to Virginia Beach at which point police there began to help.

The Metropolitan Police Department said Andrade’s car was in the parking lot of a hotel other than the one where Virginia Beach Police Department officers found them.

Andrade hired James Broccoletti, a well-known defense lawyer in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, to represent her.

Her preliminary hearing was set for Dec. 14 in Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.