A meeting of the minds in Silver Spring has residents taking a fresh look at how health data works and applies to their communities.

A number of industry professionals and dozens of curious residents joined the envisioning equity summit to see how percentage points and analytics can help turn the tide on problems that are important to them.

During the meeting, attendees were encouraged to take part in community data gathering to support positive change.

Several local leaders also came by the summit to gain their own understanding of what these advanced metrics might mean for the future.

“We can kind of get an index on some of the health indicators that we should be watching for and what if any loopholes that the city can be more pro-active in closing,” said Gaithersburg City Councilwoman Laurie-Anne Sayles.

Anyone who missed out on Fridays weekday summit will have a second chance to take part when it re-convenes for a weekend meeting on Saturday, October the 20th at the Silver Spring Civic Center.