An intense debate went on as 5G wireless cell towers were installed throughout parts of Montgomery County for faster wireless internet, while that raised concern for some residents, Wednesday night some testified before the Montgomery County Council on the advantages and disadvantages of these new towers.

“I don’t really know what’s going to be put in my front yard and I don’t know how safe it is” said Ian Dingwall, Montgomery County resident.

Some who live in North Potomac say there are as many as 61 towers less than 30 feet from their doors.

A “Having studied the technology behind it and the radiation and the real science behind it I’m well aware the kind of cancer it could potentially cause” said Anna Belaschenko, Montgomery County resident.

But others say they aren’t buying that, 5G was installed by companies like T-Mobile to give higher quality faster service internet and they say it’s no more of a risk than current towers in place.

“The science behind that doesn’t’t back up the actual health risks and concerns they have in other words small cell phone towers aren’t anymore of a risk than current cell towers” said Matthew Herrmann, another resident of Montgomery County.

A local science group claims they have evidence of radiation from those small cell towers which is proven to be harmful.

“Our countries radiation limits when it comes to cell towers are not safe” said Theodora Scarato, Environmental Health Trust Executive Director.

“But if there’s no proof scientific or otherwise then why should we hold ourselves back” said Lee Gochman, resident of Montgomery County.

Virginia also has installed 5-g cell towers. Officials say 5G is supposed to be up to 100 times faster than other networks.