Questions remain unanswered on Dean Drive in McLean, where a young woman shot her mother and then turned the gun on herself.
Officials explained details of the incident and when they arrived on the scene.
“Shortly after 2 p.m. last Friday, our officers responded to a home in the 6700-block of Dean Drive in McLean, with a report. The caller said that there might be somebody dead inside of the home. Our officers responded and used several means to try and communicate with the occupants in the home, [including] hardline phones, cell phones and even a bull horn,” said Don Gotthardt, Fairfax County Police Department Spokesman. 
But those phone calls were not returned; the women, identified as 23-year old Helen Hargan and her 63-year old mother, Pamela Hargan, were discovered dead in their home.
Police haven’t released the motives that led up to the violence or where the young woman received the gun that she fired.
In order to warn the community, officials said they placed a reverse 911 call to neighbors, asking them to stay inside their homes. 
Reports also mentioned that Hargan’s grandchild also lived in the home.
“The neighbors were concerned about a seven-year old girl that is seen frequently in the home, and I reassured the neighbors the next day that the little girl was safe; she was with her mother,” said Gotthardt. 
Neighbors refused to comment, however, they said they wish they were more active in their community and neighborhood to prevent these things from happening in the future.  
Officers and detectives continue to investigate the situation and the circumstances behind the event.