As many are talking about the plan to expand I-270 to fight traffic congestion, a local developer came up with an idea that’s sparked attention as well.

A monorail from Frederick to Shady Grove, proposed by Robert Eisinger of the High Road Foundation, who thinks it’s a better option than expanding I-270. “It won’t affect any of the existing traffic. What do you think the effect on the existing traffic would be if we expanded the asphalt?” Eisinger said.

The elevated monorail aims to not only relieve traffic congestion, but also avoid road construction. Eisinger estimates the cost of construction on the 27-mile stretch from Frederick to Shady Grove would be about $127 million per mile, and it would take about 3 years to complete. The monorail would get people back and forth between Frederick and Montgomery County in less than 30 minutes, and some commuters, here, say they would be open to it. “This is a better alternative than expanding, and I think it’s a good idea. It’s faster,” stated Jay, a commuter.

Eisinger says: while it’s not a common mode of transportation here, it seems to work in other parts of the world, and many officials are receptive to the idea. “In fact, it is a very viable transportation mode that’s used internationally, and it’s just been missed in the United States,” Robert stated.

High Road Foundation developers are also working on a monorail proposal over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.