Santa’s helpers are making a special trip to Chambersburg this holiday season.

The Elves of Hope are a group of women that create care packages for cancer patients receiving treatment during the week of Christmas.

“What would you do with an extra $100 this Christmas?” said Elves of Hope member, Mandy Hajel.

That was the question on Mandy Hajel’s mind and the answer she received from Denise Beck, was one she never saw coming.

On Hajel’s original post she received a comment from Denise beck saying, “I would make up comfort packages to give cancer patients who would have to have treatments Christmas week.”

From that one post four years ago, the Elves of Hope was created.

“We thought a lot about the individuals that go for treatment are in the hospital during the Christmas season and how that has to be so tough on them,” said Elves of Hope member, Debi Duffey.

Going on its fourth year, the meaning behind this year’s delivery is a special one.

“She was the best friend you could ever have because she would do anything for anybody,” said Duffey.

Denise Beck was instrumental in the creation of Elves of Hope, bringing her own personal experience to the table

“So any patient that would see that would be like, look at that lady, she has so many things going on, but it’s not affecting her. Cancer was like a huge part of Denise, but in the same sense it really wasn’t,” said Elves of Hope member, Jackie Sullivan.

Although Beck lost her battle to cancer this year, those closest to her say they still feel her with them everyday.

“She’s there with us the whole time, I mean you know she’s there watching and being a part of the group just smiling down on us knowing were doing this for the cancer patients,” said Duffey.

The women involved with elves of hope create gift packages to give to cancer patients receiving treatment at the John and Cora Grove Cancer Center in Chambersburg and every item has a purpose

“It’s not just a bag that we just tossed stuff in, there was meaning behind every little thing that’s in that bag,” said Sullivan.

This year 100 bags are being made to deliver to patients of all ages.

If you want to make a donation to Elves of Hope, send a check payable to: Elves of Hope c/o Alison Stephey, 11462 Buhrman Drive W., Waynesboro.