WHITE OAK, Md. (WDVM) — The Montgomery County Board of Elections decided not to add a 12th early voting site for residents in the White Oak east county area.

Now local officials are working on legislation to get reconsideration next year. During a press conference last week, officials called the board to reconsider to avoid extra travel time and long lines as noted last election season. 2020 elections are approaching and numbers show voters in the White Oak area rely heavily on early voting. Last time during elections, voter wait times at the nearest early-voting center in Burtonsville reached up to two hours.  Many voters in the White Oak area are minorities and lower-income residents who rely on transit and need a closer site.

“Given that they haven’t reversed their decision, I’m drafting legislation for consideration on next year’s session of the general assembly to require the board of elections to open a 12th early voting site in Montgomery County,” said Del. Eric Luedtke, (D) Maryland District 14.

Board of elections members voted 3 to 2 in opposition to the site.